About QCY

QCY, a brand under Dongguan Hele Electronics Co., Ltd. established in 2009, has various brand portfolios including TWS, portable sport and mono.  A commitment of Just Enjoy is our brand goal. We are a technical firm with a complete Bluetooth ecosystem. We are working for Bluetooth products that are quality, young and stylish.

In 2013, QCY started its first cyber shop on T-mall, one of the most popular online shopping platform. The later 20 days have seen a miracle that the young brand  achieved the top sales volume in Bluetooth products catalogue . QCY made its icon green logo known across China. Thanks to the authorized distributors (7 national ones) spreading over the world, we have been the one of the top exporters in China.

In the first quarter of 2020, QCY has been the 4th biggest Bluetooth earbuds provider.